The Neverending Pile Challenge: Gradient


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Neverending Pile challenge is a gradient. As I was looking through my remaining untried polishes, I saw that a few textures still remained, so I had to go for a textured gradient! neverending-pile-challenge-texture-nail-art-gradient-catrice-plumdog-millionaire-oyster-&-champagneI sponged on several coats of Catrice Crushed Crystals in PLUMdog Millionaire and Oyster & Champagne to achieve this look. It’s super sparkly!neverending-pile-challenge-texture-nail-art-gradient-catrice-plumdog-millionaire-oyster-&-champagneI had to add a little extra Oyster & Champagne to stop PLUMdog Millionaire from overpowering it, but I’m really happy with how smooth and balanced I got it in the end 🙂neverending-pile-challenge-texture-nail-art-gradient-catrice-plumdog-millionaire-oyster-&-champagneI love it when simple nail art like this works out so well. It’s proof that you don’t always need to attempt something monumental to get really lovely, stand-out nails!

At first, I intended to recreate with a different colour scheme this textured nail art that I did recently. It was pretty popular so I thought I’d try it again, but this time it didn’t work out nearly as well. striping-tape-criss-cross-catrice-crushed-crystalsI used Tip Top Cha Cha Cha as the base, applied my striping tape, and sponged on the textures. I think the problem was the larger glitters in Oyster & Champagne which stopped the sections from being taped off cleanly enough. This colour scheme also didn’t work great, but I noticed how great the textured gradient looked alone before I pulled the tape off, so I did the gradient again for today. striping-tape-criss-cross-catrice-crushed-crystalsI still liked this look but it didn’t work out as I wanted – so today you get two nail designs for the price of one 🙂neverending-pile-challenge-texture-nail-art-gradient-catrice-plumdog-millionaire-oyster-&-champagneHow do you like my gradient?neverending-pile-challenge-texture-nail-art-gradient-catrice-plumdog-millionaire-oyster-&-champagneTake a look at some other gradients at the link: