The Neverending Pile Challenge: Holo


Hi everyone!

Today’s prompt for the Neverending Pile Challenge is holo, and I decided to stretch it a bit by using a polish with holo glitter particles rather than a fully holo polish. essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-swatchThis is Essence Headphones On!, An absolutely stunning dark steel grey polish filled with silver and holographic microglitter. It’s almost like an untextured version of Here’s My Number, and it is STUNNING!essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-swatchI absolutely love this polish. I haven’t been so crazy about many of Essence’s limited and seasonal edition polishes lately, but I absolutely LOVE what they’ve been doing in the core range. essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-born-pretty-store-skull-water-decalsI decided to keep it simple with these fantastic water decals from the Born Pretty Store. essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-born-pretty-store-skull-water-decalsWater decals might be a bit of an easy way out, but who cares when they look this fantastic?essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-born-pretty-store-skull-water-decals

And just look how amazing Headphones On! looks! You can see those holo particles even though the pictures were taken in my lightbox! Incredible 🙂essence-colour-&-go-headphones-on!-born-pretty-store-skull-water-decalsCheck out some more holo nails at the link: