The Neverending Pile Challenge: Polish Trend that Died


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile Challenge is a polish trend that died. The first thing that springs to mind is crackle polish, which was a pretty big but very brief trend, however I don’t have any crackle polish since I never liked it much. I decided to go with the only ‘trend’-type untried polish I had, a magnetic polish. I also combined it with bar glitter and microbeads, which I thought were also appropriate for the theme. depend_magnetic_dark_grey_essence_magnetics_witch_you_were_here_LA_girl_rock_star_supernova_Microbeads_bundle_monsterI started with 2 coats of an unnamed dark grey Depend Magnetic polish on my middle and ring fingers. The magnetic effect has been somewhat obscured by the microbeads, but you can still see it. On the rest of my fingers, I used Essence Witch You Were Here. This is also a magnetic polish but I haven’t managed to get much of a magnetic effect from it. depend_magnetic_dark_grey_essence_magnetics_witch_you_were_here_LA_girl_rock_star_supernova_Microbeads_bundle_monsterNext, on my thumb, index and pinkie fingers, I created a gradient using LA girl rock star Supernova, which is filled with holographic bar glitters in a tinted black base. depend_magnetic_dark_grey_essence_magnetics_witch_you_were_here_LA_girl_rock_star_supernova_Microbeads_bundle_monsterI added a small circle of blue microbeads (from Bundle Monster) to each of those nails and then carefully placed silver microbeads on my middle and ring fingers.depend_magnetic_dark_grey_essence_magnetics_witch_you_were_here_LA_girl_rock_star_supernova_Microbeads_bundle_monsterWhat do you think?depend_magnetic_dark_grey_essence_magnetics_witch_you_were_here_LA_girl_rock_star_supernova_Microbeads_bundle_monsterTake a look at some more ‘trend that died’ nails at the link: