The Neverending Pile Challenge: Untried Art Supplies


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Neverending Pile Challenge is untried art supplies. I dug through all my supplies and found some stickers from the Born Pretty Store that I hadn’t used yet. These were actually included as a small extra in an order I made last year to apologise for shipping a little late. catrice_get_the_blues_essence_glitter_jewels_glitz_&_glam_lacy_stickers_born_pretty_storeBoth of the polishes I used for this were also untrieds. I started with a base of Catrice Get the Blues, a beautiful blue-purple duochrome. I then added a coat of Essence Glitter Jewels Glitz & Glam, a delightful glitter topper with green microglitter and pink shards and flakes. catrice_get_the_blues_essence_glitter_jewels_glitz_&_glam_lacy_stickers_born_pretty_storeI then added a variety of these lacy stickers from the Born Pretty Store to create a pretty, feminine half-moon design. catrice_get_the_blues_essence_glitter_jewels_glitz_&_glam_lacy_stickers_born_pretty_storeI really liked how these looked immediately after applying them, however, I unfortunately applied a cuticle oil afterwards to moisturise before taking pictures. Some of the oil must have seeped below the stickers and it caused them to peel up. I tried to fix it with a top coat but that didn’t work. I’d suggest adding a thick layer of top coat over the stickers before using any oil or cream. I’m not sure how long they’d last with a top coat but for me they didn’t last well and unfortunately you can see how they’ve peeled up on the pictures. That said, they were really dainty and pretty, and I hope to make them work with top coat next time! catrice_get_the_blues_essence_glitter_jewels_glitz_&_glam_lacy_stickers_born_pretty_storeWhat do you think?catrice_get_the_blues_essence_glitter_jewels_glitz_&_glam_lacy_stickers_born_pretty_store

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