The Neverending Pile Challenge: Untried Stamping Plates


Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a friend’s party with a Punk Rock theme. Of course, my main concern was punk rock nails! punk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplateThis was the perfect opportunity to use my Moyou Roxy Collection 01 stamping plate. I’m not sure why these images went unused for so long! After doing these nails, I did realise that I used one image from the plate – the flames – here, but the rest of the images I hadn’t used yet. I was desperate for this plate so there is really no excuse!punk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplateI wanted to combine red and black so I decided to do my first Ruffian nails. It worked OK on the studded nails, but not so well on the stamped ones. The red I used was Tip Top Red Rendezvous and I topped it with Nails Inc Leather Effect in Noho. punk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplateThe spike studs I got ages ago from Bundle Monster, and I finally found a good opportunity to use them. I stamped with Moyou Roxy Collection 01 and Tip Top Armourplate. punk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplateI do think that these images could be put to better use and this stamping plate definitely deserves some attention! I think I managed to get the whole punk rock vibe right though, what do you think?punk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplatepunk-rock-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-tip-top-red-rendezvous-spikes-studs-stamped-armourplateRemember, you can check out the Facebook Group if you’re interested in joining the rest of the challenge!

npc-graphicTake a look at some more stamping at the link: