The Neverending Pile Challenge: Vampy


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile challenge is vampy. This normally means a dark-but-not-black polish colour, but to me it just means a colour you might wear if you were a vampire! I had one untried which fit the bill perfectly: Catrice Berry Potter and Plumbledore. swatch-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledoreIt’s gorgeously vampy and also just gorgeous! It’s a stunning red-purple with a strong blue shimmer. Shown here is two coats with topcoat. swatch-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledoreIsn’t it stunning? I love how strongly the blue shimmer comes through! I wear many different nail polish colours and finishes and show all sorts on this blog, but colours like this are the ones that are really close to my heart. swatch-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledore

Since, as I said, vampy polishes mean colours a vampire would wear to me, I decided to create some vampire nail art – and use a second untried while I was at it. I wanted to give my vampire grey-ish skin but then I noticed this untried beauty: swatch-born-pretty-store-holo-polish-1-silverSilver is close enough to grey, right? And who says a vampire can’t have holo skin?!! (I only realised later on that this has some parallels to certain vampires from certain books/movies… totally unintentional!)swatch-born-pretty-store-holo-polish-1-silverThis is Born Pretty Store Holo Polish #1. When I first got this polish some time ago, I tried it on one nail, and was disappointed with what I thought at the time was a weak holo effect. Now that I’ve gained some polish experience, I realised that the polish was just a little sheer and needed more than just two coats… this was FIVE coats! Luckily it dried quite quickly and went on smoothly, and boy, was it worth it!! The holo is actually so strong that it can even be seen in my light box photos! And what’s even better, I managed to get a couple of sunlight photos too: swatch-born-pretty-store-holo-polish-1-silverIt’s stunning! This one won’t go unloved any longer!  swatch-born-pretty-store-holo-polish-1-silverWhew, this post is already getting long, but now we are FINALLY getting to the nail art. vampire-nails-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledore-born-pretty-holo-1-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-black-on-blackOver the holo base, I used a dotting tool and a nail art brush to create drips on all my nails except my thumb. The colour of Berry Potter & Plumbledore is perfect for this as it sort of looks like dried blood – very appropriate for a vampire! I took some inspiration from these vampire drip nails from Tmarki. vampire-nails-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledore-born-pretty-holo-1-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-black-on-blackI created a vampire face on my thumb nail using Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow Me White along with Catrice Berry Potter & Plumbledore. I took inspiration from this vampire nail by KayleighOC on DeviantArt. vampire-nails-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledore-born-pretty-holo-1-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-black-on-blackWhat do you think of my vampire nail art? vampire-nails-catrice-berry-potter-and-plumbledore-born-pretty-holo-1-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-black-on-black Check out some more vampy polish at the link: