The Neverending Pile: Skittles


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Neverending Pile Challenge is skittles. For those of you who might not know, that means doing a different design (or using a different colour) on each nail. I wasn’t quite sure what to do for this theme at first, but then I just picked out a few polishes and had fun! This is the result: the-neverending-pile-challenge-skittles-sinful-colors-gorgeous-let's-talk-essence-sparkle-sand-effect-be-my-lucky-starI started with a base of Sinful Colors Let’s Talk on my thumb, middle, and pinkie fingers, and Sinful Colors Gorgeous on my index and ring fingers.

On my thumb, I waited until Let’s Talk was dry, then placed striping tape in a random pattern and filled in the shapes with Gorgeous and Essence Sparkle Sand Effect Be My Lucky Star. the-neverending-pile-challenge-skittles-sinful-colors-gorgeous-let's-talk-essence-sparkle-sand-effect-be-my-lucky-starFor my index finger, I just used a small nail art brush and freehanded the zigzags using Let’s Talk and Be My Lucky Star.

On my middle finger, I used a large dotting tool to add the dots of Gorgeous over Let’s Talk, and then a smaller dotting tool to add the dots of Be My Lucky Star. the-neverending-pile-challenge-skittles-sinful-colors-gorgeous-let's-talk-essence-sparkle-sand-effect-be-my-lucky-starOn my ring finger, I waited until the base of Gorgeous was dry and then added striping tape in vertical stripes. I added a coat of Let’s talk and peeled away the tape. Once that was dry, I used a small nail art brush to add stripes of Be My Lucky Star over Let’s Talk (you could use tape again for this step to make sure it’s precise, but I didn’t feel like the effort of tape and luckily it worked out fine without!)the-neverending-pile-challenge-skittles-sinful-colors-gorgeous-let's-talk-essence-sparkle-sand-effect-be-my-lucky-starOn my pinkie finger, I tried to create a waterfall (here’s a tutorial by The Nailasaurus) but it didn’t turn out all that waterfall-y. Not to worry, because I still liked it and it still worked with the other nails!the-neverending-pile-challenge-skittles-sinful-colors-gorgeous-let's-talk-essence-sparkle-sand-effect-be-my-lucky-star

All three polishes I used here were untrieds and I loved how well they worked together with all the designs. What do you think?

Check out some more skittles for today at the link: