Zebra Print


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile Challenge is Giveaway/blog sale polish, and I don’t have anything that fits the bill, so you’re just getting a normal post today (with all tried polishes!) nail-art-ILNP-i-love-nail-polish-cygnus-loop-birefingence-mutagen-nail-addict-by-tip-top-gold-mine-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-eccence-sparkling-water-lily-zebra-print-freehandA while ago I saw this incredible zebra print post on Lucy’s Stash, and I knew I wanted to try it too. Mine doesn’t look close to as fantastic as hers, but I was still happy with it! I have no idea how she manages to keep her lines so clean and crisp. nail-art-ILNP-i-love-nail-polish-cygnus-loop-birefingence-mutagen-nail-addict-by-tip-top-gold-mine-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-eccence-sparkling-water-lily-zebra-print-freehandFor my base, I used a dry-brushed combination of ILNP Mutagen (H), Birefringence (H), and Cygnus Loop (H), along with Tip Top Gold Mine so lighten it a little and add some variety. Unfortunately I covered a bit too much of the base with my zebra stripes, but you can still see it peeking through. nail-art-ILNP-i-love-nail-polish-cygnus-loop-birefingence-mutagen-nail-addict-by-tip-top-gold-mine-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-eccence-sparkling-water-lily-zebra-print-freehandI used a small nail art brush and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the stripes, then I went over the stripes again with Essence Sparkling Water Lily as I wanted them to be as shimmery as the base. nail-art-ILNP-i-love-nail-polish-cygnus-loop-birefingence-mutagen-nail-addict-by-tip-top-gold-mine-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-eccence-sparkling-water-lily-zebra-print-freehandThis was my first try at freehand zebra print, and while it might not look incredible, I think it is pretty enough. nail-art-ILNP-i-love-nail-polish-cygnus-loop-birefingence-mutagen-nail-addict-by-tip-top-gold-mine-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-eccence-sparkling-water-lily-zebra-print-freehandWhat do you think of this twist on zebra print nails?