June Tri-Polish Challenge Part 1


Hi everyone!

It’s the first Tuesday in June and that means the first tri-polish challenge for the month. This month’s colours are nude, turquoise and coral. I decided to start it off with a bang – I’m very proud of these nails. For a while I’ve been admiring the lovely detailed designs done by Vic & Her Nails and I took inspiration from this design of hers for today. mehndi_design_nails_catrice_pimp_my_shrimp_tip_top_baby_cheeks_sinful_colors_savageVic’s look was inspired by a Mehdni or Henna design, and the colours she used reflect that – I used a different colour scheme but tried to copy the detailed design. mehndi_design_nails_catrice_pimp_my_shrimp_tip_top_baby_cheeks_sinful_colors_savageOn my thumb and ring finger, I used a base of Tip Top Baby Cheeks. On my other 3 nails, the base was Catrice Pimp my Shrimp. The detailing was done using Sinful Colors Savage. mehndi_design_nails_catrice_pimp_my_shrimp_tip_top_baby_cheeks_sinful_colors_savageI was really proud of these and the amount of detail I managed to achieve. Of course there is room for improvement but I think I did pretty well! mehndi_design_nails_catrice_pimp_my_shrimp_tip_top_baby_cheeks_sinful_colors_savageWhat do you think of these?mehndi_design_nails_catrice_pimp_my_shrimp_tip_top_baby_cheeks_sinful_colors_savage

Check out the rest of today’s tri-polish challenge nails at the link: