June Tri-Polish Challenge Part 2: Roses


Hi everyone!

It’s time for part 2 of this month’s tri-polish challenge – you can see part 1 here. This month’s colours are nude, coral, and turquoise, and here’s what I came up with for today:tip-top-baby-cheeks-catrice-pimp-my-shrimp-essence-roller-coaster-roses

Roses! I had to do roses somewhere along the line with this colour combination. tip-top-baby-cheeks-catrice-pimp-my-shrimp-essence-roller-coaster-rosesI started with a base of Tip Top Baby Cheeks. I tried a different method to what I’ve used before for creating the roses – I saw it a while ago and I don’t remember where. I used a needle drag for the roses. I used Catrice Pimp My Shrimp to add a big dot of coral then used a toothpick dipped in white to swirl it and create the rose. Finally, I added the leaves with Essence Roller Coaster. tip-top-baby-cheeks-catrice-pimp-my-shrimp-essence-roller-coaster-rosesThis was a quick way to create some roses, because they’re small the swirl looks rose-y enough 🙂tip-top-baby-cheeks-catrice-pimp-my-shrimp-essence-roller-coaster-rosesWhat do you think of these?tip-top-baby-cheeks-catrice-pimp-my-shrimp-essence-roller-coaster-rosesTake a look at the other participants in today’s challenge at the link: