The Neverending Pile Challenge: Green


Hi everyone!

A while ago I was complaining to Michelle over at Ordinary Misfit that I didn’t have any green polishes which stamped well. She immediately recommended Essence The Green And The Grunge. I didn’t have it, but I scooped it up as soon as possible!stamping-essence-the-green-and-the-grunge-over-tip-top-cool-as-a-cucumber-the-neverending-pile-challenge-greenAdmittedly, my stamping is far from perfect (and I couldn’t be bothered to restamp), but The Green and the Grunge stamps brilliantly! stamping-essence-the-green-and-the-grunge-over-tip-top-cool-as-a-cucumber-the-neverending-pile-challenge-greenI started with a base of Tip Top Cool as a Cucumber and stamped using Essence The Green and the Grunge. On my middle and ring fingers, I stamped with plate m73, and on my pinkie, index finger, and thumb, I used Moyou Suki Collection 04. stamping-essence-the-green-and-the-grunge-over-tip-top-cool-as-a-cucumber-the-neverending-pile-challenge-greenI need to work on my stamping and get rid of those air bubbles, but I’m really glad to have found a green which stamps well!stamping-essence-the-green-and-the-grunge-over-tip-top-cool-as-a-cucumber-the-neverending-pile-challenge-greenThe challenge is almost over! Here are the last few prompts:npc-graphicCheck out some more untried greens at the link: