The Neverending Pile Challenge: Prettiest


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Neverending Pile Challenge is your prettiest untried polish. I had some trouble deciding between the pretties but my eyes kept coming back to this one so I decided to use it, and it is really stunning. tgpnpc_neverending_pile_challenge_prettiest_sinful_colors_nail_junkieThis is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and I think you’ll agree it is a beauty! It’s a teal jelly base filled with iridescent glitters. The teal jelly between the glitters makes them look many different colours and I’m not 100% sure if there are different types of glitter in it, but I’m certain that it’s beautiful. tgpnpc_neverending_pile_challenge_prettiest_sinful_colors_nail_junkieThis is 3 coats of Nail Junkie with top coat.


It’s so beautiful, it’s like mermaid nails all on its own!


You know I love nail art though, so I had to do something more anyway. With this base what else could I do but stamp it with some images from one of Moyou’s Sailor plates?ocean_stamping_moyou_sailor_collection_04_sinful_colors_nail_junkie

I chose a different image for each nail, but all of the images are from Moyou Sailor Collection 04. ocean_stamping_moyou_sailor_collection_04_sinful_colors_nail_junkieSo now it’s a stunning oceany polish combined with some oceany stamping. ocean_stamping_moyou_sailor_collection_04_sinful_colors_nail_junkieIt’s really the polish alone which makes this mani. The stamp images are nice but Nail Junkie is beautiful, I’m glad I chose it for ‘prettiest’!ocean_stamping_moyou_sailor_collection_04_sinful_colors_nail_junkieWhat do you think? Do you like this polish as much as I do? ocean_stamping_moyou_sailor_collection_04_sinful_colors_nail_junkieTake a look at some more prettiest polishes at the link: