The Neverending Pile Challenge: Purple


Hi everyone!

I’m a little later than usual with my post today because it’s a public holiday here in South Africa, but I made it! I couldn’t decide which untried purple to use for today, so I managed to use 3 🙂 (2 are glitters which contain some purple at least!)born-pretty-holo-polish-11-mavala-sparkling-violet-la-colors-expressionismI started with a base of Born Pretty Store Holo #11. I know all of the indie holos available these days are beyond gorgeous, but for me who doesn’t have all of those, this holo is pretty great. I love the colour and the holo is quite strong! born-pretty-holo-polish-11-mavala-sparkling-violet-la-colors-expressionismOn top of that, I created a glitter gradient starting with Mavala Sparkling Violet. Normally the tiny Mavala bottles are out of my price range, but this one was marked down a LOT so I decided to try it. On my tips, I added LA Colors Expressionism. It’s a neon and glitter duo, and I used the glitter side (obviously). born-pretty-holo-polish-11-mavala-sparkling-violet-la-colors-expressionismThe result is simple but really pretty! What do you think?born-pretty-holo-polish-11-mavala-sparkling-violet-la-colors-expressionismCheck out the rest of today’s purple nails at the link:

  • Jessica W.

    This is very lovely! I love the color of the base polish with the color of the glitters!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you!

  • Debbie Spence

    Love the gradient, looks super pretty!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks Debbie!

  • OrdinaryMisfit

    The expressionism glitter is really stunning. I need to use it more. I feel you about the mavala! This looks fab