The Neverending Pile Challenge: Red


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile Challenge is red. I don’t have all that many reds, but I did happen to have an untried – Essence Magnetics Magic Red Carpet. neverending_pile_challenge_red_essence_magic_red_carpetThis is 2 coats. I didn’t use a magnet on it for this swatch, but I did find that this polish didn’t seem to have much magnetic effect. It also seemed a little brush-strokey. It’s a nice shade of red but it wouldn’t be my personal first choice to wear on its own. neverending_pile_challenge_red_essence_magic_red_carpetThe reason I got this polish was because I heard the magnetics could be good for stamping, so I decided to try that next:  tip_top_nail_chic_champagne_whispers_essence_magnetics_magic_red_carpet_stamped_bm-317_bm-303_moyou_mother_nature_01I started with a base of Tip Top Champagne Whispers and then I used Magic Red Carpet for the stamping. tip_top_nail_chic_champagne_whispers_essence_magnetics_magic_red_carpet_stamped_bm-317_bm-303_moyou_mother_nature_01I used BM-317 for the hearts on my index, middle and pinkie fingers, and BM-303 for the lips and lipstick. The extra hearts on my thumb are from Moyou Mother Nature Collection 01. tip_top_nail_chic_champagne_whispers_essence_magnetics_magic_red_carpet_stamped_bm-317_bm-303_moyou_mother_nature_01If I hold my thumb right, it looks like I’m putting lipstick on the lips 😀

I hope you liked these! Here’s a reminder of the rest of the themes for the challenge: npc-graphicCheck the link for more untried reds:

  • Lacky Corner

    Smart to use magnetics for stamping! Love your manicure 🙂

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks so much 🙂

  • vonimoller

    Kerry, I absolutely adore this!!!!

    • paintedfingertips

      Yay, thank youu 🙂

  • Craftynail

    i love those kissy lips !

    • paintedfingertips

      Me too! I remember seeing them on one of the first stamped manicures I ever saw when I was first discovering nail art, I thought it was amazing 🙂

  • OrdinaryMisfit

    I love this very very much!

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