The Neverending Pile: Dirtiest Named Polish


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in The Neverending Pile challenge is your dirtiest named polish. I don’t really have any polishes with dirty names, but if I did, that would be pretty Scandalous, right? Maybe? Does that count? Whether it counts or not, Revlon Scandalous is a beautiful polish so that’s what I am showing you today. sinful-colors-black-on-black-revlon-scandalous-fierce-glitter-gradient-glitter-bombI started with Sinful Colors Black On Black on all my nails just to ensure opacity with the glitter polish. Scandalous consists of Fuchsia glitters in a crelly black base, so I didn’t want to have to add too many coats if the black wasn’t opaque enough. As it turns out, it probably wasn’t necessary, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with using a good base. sinful-colors-black-on-black-revlon-scandalous-fierce-glitter-gradient-glitter-bombI created a glitterbomb on my ring finger by coating it with 3 coats of Scandalous, although I realised I could have stopped at two. On my thumb, I did the same, but only in a strip down the centre of the nail. sinful-colors-black-on-black-revlon-scandalous-fierce-glitter-gradient-glitter-bomb-studsThe bubbling you see on my thumb nail is caused by my top coat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which I applied a bit too thickly – I really need to find a better top coat, but I don’t have the patience for a non fast-drying one, and Insta-Dri is just easily available here. sinful-colors-black-on-black-revlon-scandalous-fierce-glitter-gradient-glitter-bomb-studsOn my middle finger, I taped off a triangular tip and applied Scandalous in the triangle. On my index and pinkie fingers I created a glitter gradient using Revlon Fierce. Once that was done, I added a little something to all the Scandalous nails with loose glitter on either side of my thumbnail, a square stud on my middle finger and a spike stud on my ring finger. sinful-colors-black-on-black-revlon-scandalous-fierce-glitter-gradient-glitter-bomb-studs

I hope you enjoyed this look, I know I did!npc-graphicTake a look at the link for some more dirty-named nails: