Tri-polish Challenge Part 4: Texture and bows


Hi everyone!

It’s time for the last installment of the tri-polish challenge for this month. My first 3 designs were intricate nail art, roses, and a pattern. Today I’ve combined texture with some cute bows. rimmel-metal-rush-pearly-queen-catrice-call-me-princess-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-textured-nail-artI did a similar look using the same 2 texture polishes a couple of months ago, and it was pretty well received so I couldn’t resist combining them again. rimmel-metal-rush-pearly-queen-catrice-call-me-princess-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-textured-nail-artI started with a base of Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen, and once it was dry added striping tape, then sponged on a gradient of Catrice Call Me Princess and OPI Tiffany Case. rimmel-metal-rush-pearly-queen-catrice-call-me-princess-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-textured-nail-artI then just had to peel off the tape and add the bows! rimmel-metal-rush-pearly-queen-catrice-call-me-princess-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-textured-nail-artWhat do you think? Which was your favourite tri-polish look for this month?rimmel-metal-rush-pearly-queen-catrice-call-me-princess-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-textured-nail-art

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