Multicoloured glitter


Hi everyone!

Today I have something very simple but still pretty for you. It’s just a combination of a bright, multicoloured glitter topper with a nude base. essence-special-effect-circus-confetti-tip-top-baby-cheeksI started off with 2 coats of Tip Top Baby Cheeks and then added 2 coats of Essence Circus Confetti. essence-special-effect-circus-confetti-tip-top-baby-cheeksCircus Confetti is filled with so many different glitter colours, it seemed best to put it over a simple nude base to just enjoy the glitter! essence-special-effect-circus-confetti-tip-top-baby-cheeksThis was really quick to do since I just painted it on and that was it! The glitter did all the work for me 🙂essence-special-effect-circus-confetti-tip-top-baby-cheeksWhat do you think?essence-special-effect-circus-confetti-tip-top-baby-cheeks