Swatches: Essence Beijos de Brazil and Over the Rainbow

Hi everyone!

I have a couple more swatches for you today. These are 2 great Essence polishes. I used both of them for some nail art over the past month or so and grabbed a swatch while I was at it. swatch-essence-over-the-rainbowThe first was Essence Over the Rainbow. I used this beauty in a water marble before. This is 2 coats. swatch-essence-over-the-rainbowThis is an absolutely gorgeous light lavender blue packed with shimmer. I absolutely love the finish on this one because it is really filled with shimmer. swatch-essence-over-the-rainbowThe second polish is Beijos de Brazil. It’s a simple but gorgeous creme. I used this polish for my recent patchwork nails. essence-beijos-de-brazil-swatchAgain, this is 2 coats. This is really an amazing green. I have come to love cremes more and more recently and this is the perfect grass green for any collection. essence-beijos-de-brazil-swatchWhat do you think? Which of these would you choose? essence-beijos-de-brazil-swatch