The Neverending Pile Challenge: Dupes!


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile Challenge is Dupes – match an untried polish with a tried polish. Usually when I am buying polish I will try to avoid any duplicates – I’d rather spend my money on something I don’t already have – but in this case I had one I could use for this theme. A few months ago I took part in a polish swap and one of the polishes I was gifted was this silver texture:swatch-cliche-glamour-rainha-silver-texture-nail-polish

This is 2 coats of Cliche Glamour Rainha. According to Google Translate, Rainha is Portuguese for Queen. It is a lovely silver textured polish, perfect for instantly sparkly nails. swatch-cliche-glamour-rainha-silver-texture-nail-polishI love silver and I love textures, so this is a pretty fantastic polish for me!swatch-cliche-glamour-rainha-silver-texture-nail-polishswatch-cliche-glamour-rainha-silver-texture-nail-polishNow for the ‘dupes’ part. I decided to compare this to Rimmel’s Shooting Star. comparison-silver-textures-cliche-rainha-rimmel-space-dust-shooting-starI kept Rainha on all of my nails except my ring finger, where I added 3 coats of Shooting Star. Rainha applies a bit thicker and more textured, so I did 3 coats of Shooting Star to make them as even as possible. comparison-silver-textures-cliche-rainha-rimmel-space-dust-shooting-starThe colour of the two polishes is identical, however Shooting Star is not as strongly textured as Rainha. For those of you who don’t like something too rough on your nails, Shooting Star might be better. I don’t mind the roughness personally, so I like both of these!

This is the last Neverending Pile post for me! There is one more theme left in the challenge but I don’t have anything for it so this is my last day. The good news is, I’ve managed to use almost all my untrieds. I haven’t being buying the last few months, although I did win a prize so there are a few more untrieds for that, but rest assured they will be used in the coming weeks and before long you’ll have seen every polish I own.

Meanwhile, take a look at some more dupes at the link:

  • Catherine Dream

    I’m not too much into either texture or glitter, but I love this one – maybe because it’s so simple, it looks really good.

    • paintedfingertips

      Well I love textures but I’m glad this one is good enough to appeal to a non-texture-lover too 🙂

      • Catherine Dream

        Don’t they annoy you, with you know, their texture? I’m not being funny, I just mean, I hate the uneven FEEL of them…

        • paintedfingertips

          Haha, they don’t bug me at all! I tend to be very tactile (e.g. walking through a clothing shop I want to feel the material of anything that catches my eye) so I actually quite like the feeling 🙂 That seems to be a reason why a lot of people aren’t so keen on them though, that’s why I mentioned that the Rimmel one has a less rough texture 🙂

          • Catherine Dream

            Oh, ok! That’s actually awesome, such a fun sense of touch : )

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