The Neverending Pile Challenge: Free Polish


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Neverending Pile Challenge is a polish you got for free. Last Christmas, my sister bought me a set from Grazia containing 2 polishes and 2 sets of coloured microbeads/’caviar’. I used one of the polishes long ago, but the other remained untried. saran-wrap-grazia-caviar-night-out-kit-red-gold-digger-tip-top-gold-heart-water-decalsThe red Grazia polish is your basic red creme. It pulled a little pinkish on the nail, but that was lost when I added the gold. I intended to stamp with the gold, but that didn’t work so well so I improvised and went with a saran wrap/cling wrap mani. saran-wrap-grazia-caviar-night-out-kit-red-gold-digger-tip-top-gold-heart-water-decalsI used a piece of plastic to dab on Tip Top Gold Digger, Then I added a few heart water decals from the Born Pretty Store. saran-wrap-grazia-caviar-night-out-kit-red-gold-digger-tip-top-gold-heart-water-decalsThis wasn’t what I set out to create, but it was a pretty, romantic combination. saran-wrap-grazia-caviar-night-out-kit-red-gold-digger-tip-top-gold-heart-water-decalsSo there you have it. Nothing phenomenal for today, but something which is very easy to create and which is definitely special enough 🙂saran-wrap-grazia-caviar-night-out-kit-red-gold-digger-tip-top-gold-heart-water-decalsTake a look at the other participants in today’s challenge at the link: