Blue Flower Garden

Hi everyone!

Today I have some stamping and some glitter to share with you. I originally planned on double stamping the flowers in blue with lots of butterflies in purple over them, but I found the flowers became lost so I went with one butterfly as an accent instead. Let’s take a look: nyx-matte-sky-blue-sinful-colours-cinderella-stamped-revolution-bentley-chevrolet-QA16-m78-sinful-colours-frenzyI started with one coat of NYX Matte Sky Blue and topped it with 2 coats of Sinful Colours Cinderella. I wanted Cinderella as my base colour but it is quite sheer so I layered it over Matte Sky Blue to make sure it would be opaque.nyx-matte-sky-blue-sinful-colours-cinderella-stamped-revolution-bentley-chevrolet-QA16-m78-sinful-colours-frenzyOn my pinkie and ring finger, I used Sinful Colours Frenzy to create a rough glitter gradient. On my thumb, index, and middle fingers I used Revolution Bentley and plate QA16 to stamp some flowers. nyx-matte-sky-blue-sinful-colours-cinderella-stamped-revolution-bentley-chevrolet-QA16-m78-sinful-colours-frenzyFinally, I used Revolution Chevrolet and plate m78 to add the little butterfly. nyx-matte-sky-blue-sinful-colours-cinderella-stamped-revolution-bentley-chevrolet-QA16-m78-sinful-colours-frenzy

I liked the gentle combination of blue and purple. What do you think of these? nyx-matte-sky-blue-sinful-colours-cinderella-stamped-revolution-bentley-chevrolet-QA16-m78-sinful-colours-frenzy