Dalmatian Gradient

Hi everyone!

Today I have some simple but very pretty nail art for you. A few months ago I was excited to see Essence release their dalmatian glitter – a black and white glitter topper. I love it and it went perfectly over a gradient!sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-essence-over-the-rainbow-101-dalmatians-black-dress-and-white-tieTo start with, I did a gradient using Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava, Tip Top A Brush of Lilac, and Essence Over the Rainbow. sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-essence-over-the-rainbow-101-dalmatians-black-dress-and-white-tieI then added a coat of Essence 101 Dalmatians – Black Dress and White Tie. sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-essence-over-the-rainbow-101-dalmatians-black-dress-and-white-tieI love that this is so easy to create, but it looks amazing! What do you think?sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-essence-over-the-rainbow-101-dalmatians-black-dress-and-white-tie