Swatches: Catrice Get the Blues and Genius in the Bottle

Hi everyone!

Today I have swatches of two Catrice nail polishes for you. Both are gorgeous duochromes. I am a sucker for duochromes so I love these both! With both of these the formula was very easy to work with and while they appeared sheer on the first coat, they built up very well.

First up is Catrice Get the Blues. swatch-catrice-get-the-bluesThis is 3 coats of Get the Blues. It has a steel blue base which turns to purple at the edges. swatch-catrice-get-the-bluesI love both blue and purple nail polishes – since this is both in one, it is a definite winner with me! Here it is in direct light:swatch-catrice-get-the-bluesAnd best of all, here’s a shot to show you the colour range you get with this polish:swatch-catrice-get-the-bluesThe second one I have for you today is Catrice Genius in the Bottle. swatch-catrice-genius-in-the-bottleThis is two coats of Genius in the Bottle with top coat. swatch-catrice-genius-in-the-bottleThe main colour of this polish is a bronzed gold and it changes to a coppery green at the edges. swatch-catrice-genius-in-the-bottleI found the colour change to be slightly more in reality than in these pictures, but the gold is definitely dominant. swatch-catrice-genius-in-the-bottleI love both of these, but because I love blues my pick would be Get the Blues! Which would you choose?