Swatches: Sinful Colors Blue by You and Essence It’s Raining Men

Hi everyone!

Today I have two beautiful blue polishes for you. Both are gorgeous and it’s tough to choose a favourite!

The first is an older swatch but you can still see how lovely it is. swatch-sinful-colors-blue-by-youThis is two coats of Sinful Colors Blue By You. It is a beautiful bright blue filled with a very strong lighter blue shimmer, almost something between a shimmer and glass flecks. swatch-sinful-colors-blue-by-youIt’s just gorgeous! Not only is the shade of blue lovely, but that shimmer is incredible too. swatch-sinful-colors-blue-by-youThe second one I have for you today is Essence It’s Raining Men! swatch-essence-it's-raining-men!This is two coats. Like with Blue by You, it contains a very strong large shimmer, almost like small glass flecks. It’s a slightly darker blue containing both lighter blue and purple shimmer particles. swatch-essence-it's-raining-men!Like I said, it’s tough to pick a favourite between these two, but if I absolutely had to, I’d probably pick this one. swatch-essence-it's-raining-men!Which is your favourite?