Water Marble Wednesday

Hi everyone!

I promised you a new water marble feature in my 1 year of blogging celebratory post, so here is the first marble! If you like water marbles, keep your eyes open for future Wednesday posts. There won’t necessarily be a marble every week but I’ll do one whenever possible. water-marble-bright-flowers-sally-hansen-pacific-blue-good-to-grape-essence-happy-end-beijos-de-brazil-sinful-colors-innocentI started off with a white base, like I do for most water marbles. I then marbled using Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and Good to Grape, Essence Happy End and Beijos de Brazil, and Sinful Colors Innocent. water-marble-bright-flowers-sally-hansen-pacific-blue-good-to-grape-essence-happy-end-beijos-de-brazil-sinful-colors-innocentThe pattern may look like your standard water marble, but I’ve actually struggled for a while to get one looking like this. I think I was fairly successful this time. What makes this really special though is the bright colours!water-marble-bright-flowers-sally-hansen-pacific-blue-good-to-grape-essence-happy-end-beijos-de-brazil-sinful-colors-innocentThe only nail I wasn’t that happy with was my index finger. Even it looks cool in its own way though. water-marble-bright-flowers-sally-hansen-pacific-blue-good-to-grape-essence-happy-end-beijos-de-brazil-sinful-colors-innocentWhat do you think? Are you looking forward to some more Water Marble Wednesdays?