Gradient for the 31 Day Challenge AND Water Marble Wednesday

Hi everyone!

Today I have once again managed to combine the #31DC2014 prompt with my own series, Water Marble Wednesday. So far in the series I’ve done a brightly coloured marble and a cute bee water marble. Today, I used my water marble to create a gradient. Painted Fingertips | Water Marble Gradient for #31DC2014 Day 10 - gradientTo create this, I started with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I then marbled using Tip Top In the Navy!, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Sinful Colors Fly Away, Tip Top Beach Babe, and Sinful Colors Cinderella.Painted Fingertips | Water Marble Gradient for #31DC2014 Day 10 - gradientTo create this gradient look, I just dripped the colours onto the water in order from darkest to lightest and then dipped my nail. I didn’t swirl the colours around like you normally would to create the pattern of a marble. I had some difficulty in getting the part I wanted on my nail as the dark colours, which I wanted on the cuticle side, would end up near the side of the glass. In retrospect I realised I should have dripped the colours from light to dark to make it easier to dip my nails – although that also wouldn’t have worked at the curve of the rings would have been wrong then! Oh well, I got what I wanted anyway. Painted Fingertips | Water Marble Gradient for #31DC2014 Day 10 - gradientLast year I did a very messy but very blingy and glittery gradient using the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes:

gem3What do you think of my combination of water marble and gradient?Painted Fingertips | Water Marble Gradient for #31DC2014 Day 10 - gradientThe next couple of weeks I’ll probably be skipping Water Marble Wednesday as it’s not going to work with the #31DC2014 prompts, but you can expect to see it again from next month. Here are the remaining prompts:chalkboard-nails-31-day-challenge-2014-blueberry-blastTake a look at some more gradient nails at the link: