Mernails for 31 Day Challenge Day 5 – Blue

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the 31 Day Challenge is blue so I have done some Mermaid-y blue nails. painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stampingI started off with Sinful Colors Kissy. Kissy is a gorgeous blue base filled with gold sparkle. Inside the blue base, the gold gives the polish more of a teal look and doesn’t really appear as separate gold particles. However, once I started sponging it on for the gradient, the gold deposited a lot more and changed the look of the polish. I love how it looks though! It’s very oceany. painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stampingI sponged on a gradient using Sinful Colors Kissy and Out of This World. Once it was dry, I pulled out my stamping plates and stamped using Tip Top Armourplate and Moyou Sailor Collection 03. painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stampingThese oceany nails looked like something a mermaid would wear, so I called them mernails! painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stampingLast year’s blue nails were glittery and snowy – which do you like better?snow1I’m very happy with the way my gradient came out! painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stampingI’m proud of the violet nails I’ve done for tomorrow, so be sure to come and take a look!31dc2014Take a look at some more blue nails for today at the link: