Roundup – #31DC2014

Hi everyone!

The 31 Day Challenge is officially over and I’m very glad to have made it to the end. I was proud of a lot of the nail art I’ve created this month so I thought I’d do a roundup post with some of my favourites (and least favourites!). If you see anything you like or that you missed during the challenge, click on the link or the picture to see the details! I did a little bit of everything during this month so lets jump right in!

I’ll start off with my most unique post of the challenge. That definitely goes to the microbead flowers I did for day 14. I carefully positioned each microbead to create a picture, and as far as I know, this is the first mani of its kind!

31dc2014-31-day-challenge-day-14-flowers-painted-fingertips-microbead-flowers-floralI managed to do 3 water marbles during this challenge – one on the actual water marble day (day 20), then a yellow bee marble on day 3 and a gradient marble on day 10. I also did a ‘dry marble’ or needle drag to create flames on day 29. I also tried a technique similar to water marbling, water spotting, for my poison frog nails on day 13.

Painted Fingertips | Water marble for day 20 of the #31DC201431dc2014-painted-fingertips-yellow-bees-water-marble Painted Fingertips | Water Marble Gradient for #31DC2014 Day 10 - gradient

Painted Fingertips | Hellfire nails for day 29 of the #31DC2014 - inspired by the SupernaturalPainted Fingertips | Poison frog print for day 13 of the #31DC2014 - animal print

During this challenge I was the most proud of all of the freehand nail art I did. The prompts inspired me to do a lot more freehand art than usual and I really enjoyed it! Around half of my posts featured freehand work! I really need to make more time for freehand in the future as well.

It’s practically impossible to choose a favourite out of my freehand looks, so I’ve gone ahead and chosen 6 of them. I was really proud of the detailed work I managed in my notebook-inspired nails on day 6. This helped me prove to myself I could do detailed work like this and I put this to use again for my pattern nails (day 26) and my Chinese pattern nails honouring nails I love (day 31). I was also very proud of the more artsy, full-nail designs I did for my nails inspired by an artwork (day 27), my Rango nails (day 23), and my dragon nails (day 24).

Painted Fingertips | 31 Day Challenge Day 6 - VioletPainted Fingertips | Asa No Ha pattern for day 26 of the #31DC2014 - inspired by a patternPainted Fingertips | #31DC2014 day 31 - Honour nails you love. Honouring Chinese pattern nails by Vic & Her NailsPainted Fingertips | Nails inspired by an artwork for day 27 of the #31DC2014 - inspired by Megan Duncanson's 'Home on the Hill'Painted Fingertips | Rango nails for day 23 of the 31 Day Challenge - inspired by a movie Painted Fingertips | Nails inspired by a book for day 24 of the 31 Day Challenge - Pern books by Anne McCaffrey

A couple of my freehand looks were created with methods other than just using my finest brush and hoping for the best, like my Quatrefoil nails (day 8) which were done with a dotting tool, and my rose nails (day 22) which were done using the one-stroke technique.

Painted Fingertips | Metallic Quatrefoil Nails for #31DC2014 day 8 - metallic Painted Fingertips | one-stroke roses for day 22 of the 31 Day Challenge (Inspired by a song - Bon Jovi Bed of Roses)

The other freehand nails I did included my op art nails (day 7), my freehand half-moons (day 18), my ruby nails (day 1), my Aerosmith nails (day 2), my radiant orchid nails (day 21), and my delicate print nails (day 15).

painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-2014-black-and-white-op-artPainted Fingertips |Half moon nails for day 18 of the #31DC2014painted-fingertips-31dc2014-red-rubiespainted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-2014-day-2-orange-aerosmith-logo-nailsPainted Fingertips | Radiant ORchid nails inspired by a colourPainted Fingertips | Delicate print for day 15 of the #31DC2014

Of course, where would I be without some tape manis during the challenge? I love how versatile and striking tape manis can be and this month I’ve used tape for my horizontal stripes (day 12), my green nails with criss-cross textured tips (day 4), and my geometric nails for day 16.

Painted Fingertips | Stripes for day 12 of the #31DC2014  painted-fingertips-31DC2014-green-criss-cross-tipsPainted Fingertips | Tape and texture for geometric nails - day 16 of the #31DC2014

I stamped only a couple of times during the challenge. The first was for my Mernails (day 5). I stamped again for my rainbow nails (day 9) and I was super proud of these as I created successful stamping decals.

painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-blue-mermaid-nails-gradient-stamping Painted Fingertips | Rainbow nails - 31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 9

The only nail art I really wasn’t happy with during the challenge was my flag nail art from day 28. There were a couple of looks I didn’t love, but this was the only one I didn’t even like. The others I wasn’t super crazy about were my denim fashion nails (day 25), my daisy nails (day 30), my glitter nails (day 17), my polka dot nails (day 11) and both iterations of my galaxy nails (day 19). These were all perfectly ok and perfectly blog-worthy but nothing all that special to me.

Painted Fingertips | Nails inspired by the Irish flag for day 28 of the #31DC2014Painted Fingertips | Jeans nails for day 25 of the #31DC2014 - inspired by fashionPainted Fingertips | Day 30 of the #31DC2014 - inspired by a tutoiral - using a daisy tutorial by Wondrously Polished   Painted Fingertips | Glitter gradient for day 17 of the #31DC2014painted-fingertips-31dc2014-31-day-challenge-2014-polka-dots-interlocking-dots-day-11Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for day 19 of the #31DC2014 Painted Fingertips | Galaxy nails for day 19 of the #31DC2014

So, what did you think about this challenge? Did you enjoy seeing so much nail art? Any favourites?

From now on I’ll be going back to a more manageable schedule on the blog – posting every day is tough! You’ll still be seeing a lot of nail art though. Keep your eyes open for Water Marble Wednesday posts continuing from next Wednesday!