Sugarspun Spiderwebs

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Halloween nail art look to share with you. This one was inspired by this post by Adventures in Acetone from this time last year. It’s spiderwebs! Painted Fingertips | Sugarspun spiderwebsThese spiderwebs were created using the sugarspun technique. I’ve only used this technique once before, way back in the early days of my blog.

I started off with a base of Sally Hansen Loves Me Not. I then used the sugarspun technique to create the spiderwebs using Sally Hansen White On. It was quite an old bottle which was getting a little thick, so it was perfect for this technique. To create a look like this, you take out a little of the polish on a working surface, and mix it with a dotting tool or toothpick while it dries slightly. Before long, it will start leaving strands dragging behind your mixing tool as it begins to dry. You simply place the strands across your nail and repeat until you have the look you want. It is pretty messy so be prepared to do a lot of clean-up!Painted Fingertips | Sugarspun spiderwebs

I couldn’t find any spider glitters or studs, so I used plate QA26 to make some spider stamping decals, which I stuck on top of the webs. The spiders don’t stand out much, but that just makes them even creepier – you know they’re there, but you can’t always see them. These spiders have also captured an innocent butterfly in their web…Painted Fingertips | Sugarspun spiderwebs

What do you think of this sugarspun spiderweb look? Have you tried this technique before?