Swatch: Catrice Mint Me Up

Hi everyone!

After all the nail art of the 31 Day Challenge, I’ve been craving just a simple swatch. Today I have Catrice Mint Me Up to show you. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Catrice Mint Me Up

This is two coats of Catrice Mint Me Up with top coat. My top coat bubbled slightly, so any bubbles you see are not the fault of Mint Me Up. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Catrice Mint Me Up

Mint Me Up is a gorgeous mint base packed with golden shimmer and slightly larger coppery flecks. The golden shimmer is the main feature and is the perfect addition to this minty shade. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Catrice Mint Me Up

To me this is toward the bluer side of mint (mint means pale green to me) but the golden shimmer is what gives it some mintiness. It is really a gorgeous colour though! What do you think of this one?

  • Annette

    Very pretty. I’ll bet its nice just to enjoy a pretty polish without having to worry about the art.:)

    • paintedfingertips

      I love the nail art but yes, it’s nice to do just a simple swatch sometimes! A beautiful colour can speak for itself 🙂

  • vonimoller

    I do love it! Love gold shimmer

    • paintedfingertips

      🙂 Me too!