Water Marble Wednesday: Halloween Colours

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another Water Marble Wednesday! You can see my previous Water Marble Wednesday posts here. There are just two weeks to go until Halloween, and even though Halloween isn’t really celebrated over here, it makes for some great nail art options. Today’s water marble is using Halloween colours. Painted Fingertips | Halloween Water MarbleI recently won an amazing prize from Ordinary Misfit and one of the polishes was OPI Hot & Spicy. It’s more of a shrimp-toned orange, but nonetheless, I decided it’d be perfect for some Halloween art. Painted Fingertips | Halloween Water Marble

Over a base of Hot & Spicy, I marbled using Hot & Spicy along with Essence The Green and the Grunge and Sinful Colors Black on Black. The colour combination made me think of Halloween pumpkins. Painted Fingertips | Halloween Water Marble

I really really liked this one! What do you think?Painted Fingertips | Halloween Water Marble