Water Marble Wednesday: Spiderwebs

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Halloweeny water marble for you. You can take a look at previous Water Marble Wednesdays here.

For today’s Water Marble Wednesday, I have tried to create spiderwebs. A couple of my nails were more successful then others… if you’re not quite sure what it looks like, the little spider I added is a helpful hint 😉Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb Water MarbleI started with a base of Sinful Colors Out of This World. I intended to marble with black and a clear polish, but my bottle of clear polish was almost empty and I was struggling to get enough out. I remembered marbling before with Sally Hansen Blizzard Blue in place of a clear polish because it is very sheer, so I used that along with Sinful Colors Black on Black. The blue comes through in a couple of spots but I think it just adds to the colour combination. Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb Water MarbleI struggled a bit with getting the pattern I wanted on this one. My middle and index fingers look quite spiderwebby, but the others not so much. I would have been happier if all my nails looked more like those two, but I was struggling with the pattern (it didn’t help that my black was getting empty too!).  I decided to add a spider creeping along the web as well. I used Essence Magnetics Magic Red Carpet for the spider and added two microbeads for eyes. Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb Water Marble

What do you think? It’s almost Halloween, just one more Halloween look coming up on Friday! I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the Halloween nail art.