Negative Space Hearts

Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art was inspired by a recent Instagram post by @cdbnails143. I was scrolling down my feed when I saw some absolutely beautiful negative space nail art she had done. A lot of negative space art doesn’t appeal to me, but I really liked this one! I have only tried negative space art once before. CDBnails’ original manicure was done with stamping, but since I didn’t have the same stamping plate, I decided to try a freehand version: Painted Fingertips | Negative space hearts nail artAfter my usual base coat, I outlined all of the negative space hearts with black acrylic paint. I then filled in the rest of the nail with Color Club Ruby Slippers. Once it was dry, I painted the black hearts and went back over my outlines. I topcoated and that was it! Painted Fingertips | Negative space hearts nail artThese took a while but I am pretty happy with the result. The only bad thing is how badly stained my nails are from all the polish – hopefully since it’s just small patches of negative space it’s not too noticeable!

Painted Fingertips | Negative space hearts nail artWhat do you think? Have you tried any negative space looks before?