Review and Nail Art: Born Pretty Store Seashell Studs

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store product to share with you – seashell studs! This product was sent to me for my unbiased review. I created some beachy nail art with them.

Painted Fingertips | Seashell nails with shell studs from the Born Pretty StoreAren’t they cute? For this look, I started with a base of the Vixen Nail Lacquer I am holding. It doesn’t have a name but it is a lovely blue-green base filled with gold sparkles – quite similar to Sinful Colors Kissy. I used plate QA62 to stamp with penguin with Sinful Colors Snow Me White on my ring finger. I used a sponge to create a gradient using Tribal Colours #11 and LA girl Sands of Time on my other nails and dabbed some on around the penguin too. Painted Fingertips | Seashell nails with shell studs from the Born Pretty StoreI used a small dot of top coat to stick on each shell stud – I didn’t topcoat over the whole nail as I wanted to keep the sandy texture of the textured polishes. I really liked these studs, the shell shape is very cute. They came in a bag with about 20 studs. As you can see, they are quite small, which works well if you want several on a nail like here or just don’t like anything too huge on your nails. There is a larger size available (these are the 3 mm ones, 5 mm ones are also available), and you can get them in silver too. Painted Fingertips | Seashell nails with shell studs from the Born Pretty StoreWhat do you think? If you decide to try these seashells or anything else from the Born Pretty Store, remember you can use the code KGG10 for a 10% discount!

  • vonimoller

    These are so cute!!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks V! I am drooling over your Teal Dimension now. I seriously need to get my hands on a bottle

  • varnishingpoint10

    I love this design it’s stunning, I love the base colour and the shells add a super cute edge to an already lovely mani

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂

      • varnishingpoint10

        Your very welcome huni

  • Annette

    I love them, they’re really cute!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Craftynail

    aww- tiny shells! so cute

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Lani Maverick (Nailphotos by Lani)

    It’s very pretty! You did a very good job making it look like a beach. Using gold and the pretty shells makes it look very classy

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you! I’ve always wanted the shells when I’ve seen other people using them, glad I got a chance to try them 🙂