Review: Born Pretty Store Stamping Set

Hi everyone!

I have a review to share with you today. The Born Pretty Store sent me a few of their products to share with you. One of the products I received was their DIY nail art stamping kit. Painted Fingertips | Born pretty store stamping setThis kit contains a stamper, scraper, and plate holder, along with 5 plates to get you started. I prefer not to use a holder for my plates as I find it easier to hold the plate down on a piece of paper, but some may prefer using the holder. The scraper was ok but I preferred my usual one (which is very similar to this one so it’s probably just because I’m used to it!).Painted Fingertips | Stamper comparisonThis shows a comparison between the Born Pretty Store stamper and two other stampers I have. The middle one was from Ninja Polish, and the small pink one was my original stamper, from Planet Nails. You can see that the head of the Born Pretty Store stamper is more rounded for its size compared to the others. I would have preferred a slightly more flattened head as my nails are quite curved so this makes it a little harder to roll the stamper across effectively, although you could get used to the shape. I would find it difficult to reach the edges of my nails with this one but others who are better stampers than me would probably have no problem. Painted Fingertips | 2 stampersThe second thing was the firmness of the stamping head. The red stamper from Ninja Polish is what I have been thinking of as a ‘firm’ stamper. It is firm and needs to be rolled across the nail, but it is hollow on the inside so with a firm pressure it can be intended, as you see in the picture above. My pink stamper was similar – firm but indentable. The Born Pretty Store stamper, by contrast, was downright hard. There is no indenting this stamper head. Again, some people may prefer the harder one or it may just take a little getting used to, but I preferred the softer one as I feel like it enables me to pick up the images better.

The set also included 5 stamping plates, pictured below:Painted Fingertips | SE18  Painted Fingertips | SE19 Painted Fingertips | SE20 Painted Fingertips | SE21 Painted Fingertips | SE22There are a few cute images here, and I definitely think this could be a good starter set for someone who is new to stamping!

For my nail art, I haven’t done anything too fancy, but just tried to show you a few of the different images:Painted Fingertips | stamper testAll of these were the first stamp so you could see how I coped with the stamper. I could have probably done better in a few tries with some of the images. The flower on my middle finger is a little pale to see but you can see that it stamps the lines crisply. The only thing is that one of the petals is not stamped because I struggled with the curve of it.

Painted Fingertips | stamper testFine lines stamped great, but the difficulty I had was with images with thicker areas. I felt as though the stamper did not pick up the polish as well as it could have in these regions – for example the hearts on my pinkie look a little patchy. The image was scraped fine but some polish was left behind on the plate. The little guy on my ring finger is supposed to be a turtle – he didn’t come out great here but I love him so you’ll be seeing him again soon! Painted Fingertips | stamper testOverall, this stamper does work acceptably and if it was the only one out there, I’d tell you to rush and buy it. However, there are others available and the Born Pretty Store has several others to choose from. I would be inclined to choosing a softer one. I hope to try some of the other stampers from the store soon so I can let you know which I prefer. That said, it is a great starter kit and some of the images on the plates that come with it are very cute!

If you decide to try anything from the Born Pretty Store, remember to use the code KGG10 for 10% off your purchase!

Have you tried stamping before? What kind of stamper do you prefer?

  • *Ele*

    I ordered a stamper from Born Pretty Store too! I bought the soft double sided one and I’m really looking forward to trying it! 🙂
    Thank you for your review, it was very helpful 🙂

    • paintedfingertips

      I’m glad it was helpful for you! I really want to try their soft one too 🙂

  • Annette

    I love my stamping, I use a white rectangular squishy stamper as my nails are quite curved. I really liked the images though and would love to see how well they stamped with your regular stamper. Also how big are the full nail images.

    • paintedfingertips

      The stamper I usually use is a round squishy one (it fits in the stamper with the red head shown here, but it’s an alternative very squishy head). Using the squishy made stamping a million times easier for me because of my nail curve too. I really love the little turtle and some of the other images so I’m sure I’ll use them again too. The full nail images are quite a bit smaller than others I have – 1 cm by 1.5 cm. They are far too small for my thumb, and might just fit my other nails when they are shorter

  • Kairi

    About a year ago I ordered a scraper and 2 stampers that look like the small one from them. I do like them a lot, one of them feels softer as well. And as you’ve mentioned, I think with curvy nails the softer/squishier is better.

  • drydammit

    I didn’t realise Born Pretty sold this kit. I bought mine online a couple of years ago and it came with a different stamping tool. It seems to be a bit softer than yours, but not by much!

    • paintedfingertips

      Yeah, my original one was the small pink one and I thought that was as firm as they got. Thank goodness we have squishies now! I can manage with a firm one sometimes but I really struggle with full-nail images especially.

      • drydammit

        I still even struggle with single images! But I enjoy the challenge.

        • paintedfingertips

          Are you still using that same stamper though?

          • drydammit

            No – I got a Konad stamper but I’m eyeing off a few XL squishy ones!

          • paintedfingertips

            Yes I highly recommend you try a squishy! It was a total game-changer for me!

  • acidicice (@acidicice)

    I bought this same stamper and plate set from a Chinese shop for R25.00. It is utter crap. I ordered the black XL stamper from bornprettystore and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The stamper is too hard for me to use on my soft nails and the images aren’t etched deeply enough IMO. The full nail images are also too small. Come to think of it, I haven’t tried to use these plates with my black stamper. Might be worth a shot.

    • paintedfingertips

      I actually wanted the squishy and took the wrong one. I could never understand when people said firm stampers hurt their nails but this one is so much harder than my other firm ones, it is hard to stamp without crushing your nails. I have a squishy from ninja polish and love it too! The full nail images are tiny but you can stretch them with a squishy if you want. I don’t think even that would work for my thumb though. A few of the other images are cute (the turtle!!!) But I’d rather get a better stamper and buy the plates I want separately

  • dani

    The first stamping set I bought looked exactly like this BPS one you are reviewing, but I got it from one of those “as seen on tv” places. It even came with those exact plates, i couldn’t get them to work for me at all, i was lucky to get half the pattern to transfer. I really thought that there was something wrong with me because I was seeing people online stamping beautiful designs so easily! I picked up a set of pueen plates and one of those squishy stampers on the recommendation of a Facebook friend and now I’m able to stamp like a pro lol. I would definitely steer anyone that’s never tried it to pick up a better quality set, they’ll have such an easier time with it!

    • paintedfingertips

      I know, when I picked out this set to review I somehow thought it would be a softer stamper. I do think I may be able to use the plates with my normal squishy stamper (but I have better plates anyway). This stamper is just unworkable.