Swatch and comparison: my 5 brightest pinks

Hi everyone!

With the weather warming up lately, I felt like putting something bright on my nails. I decided to go with pink, and I have done a comparison for you of my 5 brightest pinks so we can see which is the brightest of them all!

The first one is LA Colors Flashpop! Expressionism.Painted Fingertips | LA Colors Flashpop! ExpressionismThis is 3 coats without top coat. Expressionism is a double-sided wand with a glitter topper in the other side. This is the lightest of my 5 bright pinks and is almost a pastel neon. It is also slightly more coral-toned compared to the others.

Next up is Tip Top Get the Party Started. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Tip Top Get the Party StartedTip Top is a local South African brand and this was from their neon range. Again, this is 3 coats without top coat. It has a typical neon formula, appearing slightly sheer at first but building up well. Like most neons, it will probably pop more over a white base, but I have shown each polish on its own here.

Next is another Tip Top, Sexy Bikini. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Tip Top Sexy BikiniTo me, this one is even brighter than Get The Party Started, even though it is not from their neon range. The formula is also fantastic – this is just two coats without top coat. This one is a pure and bright hot pink!

Next we have yet another Tip Top pink – Sitting Pretty. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Tip Top Sitting PrettyThis one is a little darker and slightly more red-toned than the others. It is still bright, but not as shocking as Sexy Bikini.

My fifth and final bright pink is Essence Happy End. Painted Fingertips | Swatch - Essence Happy EndI wouldn’t really regard this as a neon pink like some of the others, but it is still bright. It is slightly more magenta-toned than the others. It has a great creme formula and this is two coats with no top coat.

You may notice something funny going on with my pinkie nail in this and the next pictures – I had a bad break and I wanted to do the comparison with my nails being the same length, so I stuck on a false nail. You’ll see the falsie in tomorrow’s water marble as well, followed by a couple of posts from before the break, and then we’re back to short nails I’m afraid! Painted Fingertips | Comparison of 5 bright pinksI decided to show you the five side by side so you could see the differences for yourself! On my thumb is LA Colors Expressionism, with Tip Top Sexy Bikini on my index finger, Tip Top Get the Party Started on my middle finger, Tip Top Sitting Pretty on my ring finger, and Essence Happy End on my pinkie. This comparison is the only place I am showing them all WITH top coat. Painted Fingertips | Comparison of 5 bright pinksAs you can see, there are no dupes here. I found Sexy Bikini to be the brightest of the lot. My personal favourites were Sexy Bikini and Sitting Pretty.

Which is your favourite? Do you have another neon pink you love more?