Swatch: Sinful Colors Ciel

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a swatch of Sinful Colors Ciel. I won this polish a while ago from Ordinary Misfit and I’ve been using it in every other manicure ever since! It makes a brilliant base for nail art. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors CielI used three coats for the swatch, but two careful coats would probably be fine. This is shown with top coat. Ciel is a very pale grey shade, almost an off-white. This is what makes it such a perfect base for nail art! It provides a clean canvas without being as stark as a pure white. My bottle of Snow Me White is also on its last legs so I got this one just at the right time. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors CielI’ve already shown several nail art looks over a base of Ciel, including my Sugar Skulls, my Mummy Water Marble, and my Vertical Stripes Water Marble. You can be sure it will be used in plenty more nail art looks to come! It looks pretty elegant on its own as well! Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors CielIs this a shade you would wear? Would you prefer using it in nail art, like me?