Water Marble Wednesday: Over a Gradient

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday! Today I’ve tried a marble over a delicate gradient. First up let’s take a look at the gradient alone:Painted Fingertips | Delicate gradientI used three of my favourite Tip Top polishes – Cha Cha Cha, Beach Babe, and Fairy Dust. On my thumb nail you see an example of what happens when you try using a sponge for a gradient which has gotten too old… the sponge started to disintegrate. It’s been covered with the gradient but you can see it looks a little uneven. I topped the gradient with Sinful Colours Opal Glitter. Painted Fingertips | Delicate gradient

I planned to marble over this with black and clear, but my black polish is a bit old and has gotten too thick for marbling. I decided to go with a grey instead and I’m glad I did – I think it went better with the delicate colours of the gradient. Painted Fingertips | Grey water marble over a gradient

I used Rimmel Man Overboard and Essence Absolute Pure, a clear polish, for the marble. I just went with random swirls and tried to make sure parts of the gradient remained visible. Painted Fingertips | Grey water marble over a gradient

What do you think of this look?Painted Fingertips | Grey water marble over a gradient