Water Marble Wednesday: Water Lilies

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday and today I was inspired by this water lily nail art by Adventures in Acetone. Jacki created a watery background with a needle drag and added the lilies on top. I immediately thought I’d be able to create the same look using a water marble! Painted Fingertips | watery blue water marbleI loved the water marble background so much that I decided to take some pictures of it just like that. I started with a base of Nubar Absolute and then marbled with Absolute and Essence The Boy Next Door and Splash!, and Tip Top Turbulence. I absolutely loved these colours together and I can definitely see turbulent water! Painted Fingertips | watery blue water marble

Once the marble was done, it was time to add the lilies. I used a combination of dotting tools and a small nail art brush to paint the flowers and lily pads. Painted Fingertips | Water lilies over a watery water marble

The polishes I used were Tip Top Hap-pea, Melting Marshmallows, Pot-O-Berries and Gold Mine, and Essence The Green & The Grunge. Painted Fingertips | Water lilies over a watery water marble

I can’t decide if I love it more with or without the water lilies! What do you think?

  • http://vmoller.wordpress.com vonimoller

    I love it with the water lilies!

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Yay! Thanks 🙂

  • http://OrdinaryMisfit.com OrdinaryMisfit

    LOVE love love love!!!!

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Thanks! 🙂