12 Days of Christmas: Decorations

Hi everyone!

Today I have another post in the Challenge Your Nail Art 12 Days of Christmas challenge. Today’s theme is Christmas decorations. Painted Fingertips | Red and Gold Christmas DecorationsDuring this year’s 31 Day Challenge, I did these half moon nails which were inspired by this look by Lucy’s Stash. Someone pointed out that it looked quite Christmassy so I decided to do a modified red and gold version. Once it was done, it really reminded me of the patterns on some Christmas baubles, so I decided to use it for today’s theme. Painted Fingertips | Red and Gold Christmas DecorationsI used a base of Renaissance Cosmetics Rosie-Osie and added the gold using Tip Top Gold Digger. I used a small nail art brush and dotting tool to paint on the gold. Painted Fingertips | Red and Gold Christmas DecorationsI’m not sure if I prefer this or my previous version, but I like both of them a lot!

12_days_of_christmasTake a look at some more Christmas decorations nails at the link: