12 Days of Christmas: Ice Blue and White

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the 12 Days of Christmas nail art challenge hosted on Challenge Your Nail Art is ‘Ice Blue and White’. I was stuck on this one for a while until I remembered my beautiful white textured polish, Solitaire by OPI. Once I realised I could use that for a base, I decided to go with some blue stamping.

Painted Fingertips | Blue stamping on OPI SolitaireI really liked the outcome! The white and blue really do look icy together. Solitaire might just be one of my favourite Liquid Sands… or maybe I just think that about all the Liquid Sands! I stamped with a blue stamping polish from the Born Pretty Store. Painted Fingertips | Blue stamping on OPI SolitaireFor the snow and snowmen, I used plate QA66 from the Born Pretty Store, and for the swirls I used Moyou Sailor Collection 03. The swirls reminded me of wind blowing during a storm and swirling rain (or snowflakes) around, so they went perfectly with the snow nails. Painted Fingertips | Blue stamping on OPI SolitaireWhat do you think?12_days_of_christmasTake a look at some more ice blue and white nails at the link: