12 Days of Christmas: Snowmen

Hi everyone!

Today I have another post for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge hosted by the Facebook Group Challenge Your Nail Art. Today’s theme is snowmen – another wintery one even though it’s summer here! I couldn’t complain though because once I saw a lovely snowman scene by Instagram nail artist @MelissaRose0410 I couldn’t wait to try something similar! Painted Fingertips | Snowman sceneAren’t they cute? I’ve never had the opportunity to build a real snowman so I had to be content with building some on my nails! My background colour mostly got covered up but it was perfect for this – L’Hiver (Winter) by Renaissance Cosmetics. For the snowmen and the snow on the trees, I used Sally Hansen Sugar Rush in Sugar FixThe rest of the polishes I used were: Essence Walk on the Wild Side, Essence Magnetics Majestic Green, Essence The Green & The Grunge, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Essence Magnetics Magic Red Carpet, NYX Matte Sky Blue, Tip Top Calm Before the Storm, Sinful Colors Ciel, Tip Top Peach Crisp, NYX Matte Chocolate, and Tip Top Armourplate. Painted Fingertips | Snowman sceneMy thumb didn’t fit into the scene so I just decided to add a giant snowflake on it. I really liked these and they are perfect for those of you having snowy winters right now! Painted Fingertips | Snowman sceneWhat do you think?   12_days_of_christmasTake a look at some more snowman nail art at the link: