12 Days of Christmas: Ugly Sweater

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the Challenge Your Nail Art 12 Days of Christmas challenge is ugly sweaters. Ugly sweaters aren’t really a part of Christmas here since it’s summer but I think they are a pretty well known Christmas image. I realised I had never done argyle nails before so I decided to go with Christmas coloured argyle sweater nails. Painted Fingertips | Ugly argyle sweatersI started with a base of Revlon Charlie Lady in Red. Using a small brush, I added diamonds of Essence The Green & the Grunge one nail at a time and dipped the nail in green flocking powder. I’d almost forgotten I had this flocking powder but it was the perfect thing for sweater-themed nails! To complete the argyle design, I stuck on white striping tape criss-crossing the diamonds. Painted Fingertips | Ugly argyle sweatersAs you can see, the sweater was home-made by someone who wasn’t a very good knitter… at least that’s my excuse for the not very straight lines and the tape sticking up! I didn’t love this look but it is supposed to be an ugly sweater, after all. Painted Fingertips | Ugly argyle sweatersWhat do you think?

12_days_of_christmasOnly 2 themes to go!

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