Christmas Snowflakes

Hi everyone!

I am getting into the Christmas spirit and what better way to celebrate than with nail art? You can expect a lot of Christmassy looks here over the next couple of weeks! I’ve been a member of the Challenge Your Nail Art Facebook group for a while, but haven’t had a chance to participate in one of their monthly themes yet. When I saw that their theme for December was ’12 Days of Christmas’, of course I had to take part! If you’re interested in joining in, feel free to take a look at the Facebook group.

Painted Fingertips | Snowflake nailsThe first theme of the challenge is Snowflakes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do snowflakes for my first Christmas manicure since it is summer here, but since the white Christmas is such a ubiquitous image and snowflakes are beautiful, I decided to go for it!Painted Fingertips | Snowflake nailsI started with a base of OPI Get Your Number. I can’t belive this is the first time this polish is appearing on my blog! This was one of the very first textured polishes I had. I was so excited to try it but somehow it never ended up in any nail art – I’m glad it’s finally getting its time to shine! It is a really beautiful polish. The shade is absolutely beautiful and it made a perfect base for the snowflakes. Painted Fingertips | Snowflake nailsIt’s been a while since I’ve stamped so I pulled out my stamping plates where I knew I’d find a pretty snowflake image! I stamped using plate BM323. I happened to have these giant snowflake glitters in my craft drawer so I couldn’t help taking some pretty pictures with them! Painted Fingertips | Snowflake nailsWhat do you think? This look was so simple but oh so pretty!

Here are the rest of the Challenge themes (although you can expect some extra Christmas art from me in between as well!)12_days_of_christmasIf you’d like to see some more snowflake nail art looks, just click the link: