Review and Nail Art: Loki’s Nail Vinyls

Painted Fingertips | Loki's chevron nail vinyls

Hi everyone!

By now you might have seen some nail art looks done using nail vinyls. They have become pretty popular for nail art over the past few months as a way to create patterns and do fun and easy nail art. When Loki’s Nail Vinyls asked me to review their product, I jumped at the chance. There are a few different nail vinyl brands out there already, but these are the first I have had the opportunity to try. Painted Fingertips | Loki's Nail VinylsThis is what I received in my pack. It is a mix of several different types of vinyls. It’s a little hard to see them here, but don’t worry, I will show you a few of them in action!

The ones I was most excited to try were the chevrons, so I used them first. I remembered this reciprocal gradient idea I had seen on Simply Nailogical, so I decided to try something similar. Mine didn’t come out anything like hers but that was the idea I used! Since I was going to use a gradient, it was the perfect time to test the nail aprons which also came in my sample pack. Painted Fingertips | Nail apronNail aprons are intended to be worn around the nail to help minimise cleanup when doing messy looks like splatters, gradients, and so on. The apron comes in two pieces to enable you to stick it more precisely around your nail. It also comes in two sizes – small (pictured here) and large (which I have used on my thumb below). Also – isn’t the polish I’m wearing here gorgeous? You can expect swatches soon! Painted Fingertips | Gradient using nail apronsHere is how they looked after doing a sponged gradient with LA girl 3D Holographic Brilliant Blue and Black Illusion. You can see how much of the polish is caught by the aprons! Gradients are really messy so something like this definitely helps. The aprons can also be reused so I have saved mine – a good way might be to use the same one for all your nails in one manicure (I just wanted to do it like this for pictures!)Painted Fingertips | Loki's chevron nail vinylsNext, I placed the chevron vinyls and then did the same gradient over them, just in reverse. Once that was done, I peeled off the vinyls and removed the nail aprons. Painted Fingertips | Pre-cleanup after removing nail apronsThis is how they looked after removing the aprons. There is still cleanup to be done but you can see how much it has been reduced!

Here are my thoughts on the aprons: They definitely do the job they are meant for. I do find them more comfortable on my skin than normal sellotape, and I can also get them a little closer around my nail on the cuticle side. They work great, but I personally would not be able to justify the cost of these when tape is a much cheaper (if not quite as good) alternative. They might be a nice extra to add to your order if you are purchasing some vinyls anyway though! Painted Fingertips | Reverse gradient over Loki's chevron nail vinylsBack to the nails – this was how my final manicure looked. The pattern is a little subtle but I was impressed that the vinyls were sharp enough that you can still see the chevrons. I am a little guilty of not using the best colour combination here – I had just received these polishes as a gift and couldn’t wait to get them on my nails. I think you can see what I was going for the best on my thumb nail. Painted Fingertips | Reverse gradient over Loki's chevron nail vinylsI was impressed with how well the vinyls peeled off. I was concerned that they might be too sticky so I stuck them to my hand once before sticking them to my nail. When I peeled them off, they did not tug on the base polish at all. I did wait for my polish to dry, but not nearly as long as I would have had to wait if I was using tape! So they are sticky enough to stick to the edges of my curved nails, but peel off easily enough not to pull up the base – perfect! Painted Fingertips | Spy and Tie Nail VinylsI tried another type of vinyls next. These can be left on the nail like stickers to create your nail art. I wasn’t sure if I would like these, but once they were on, I really liked the little spy guy on my thumb nail. I started with a base of Rimmel Man Overboard and then just stuck the vinyls on. One thing to keep in mind is the length of these – the tie just fit on my middle finger and was slightly too long on my ring finger. This is about as long as my nails have ever been so these won’t work for people with shorter nails. The face fit on my thumb nail but probably wouldn’t fit on another nail. What is really nice though is that the pieces of the face are all separate – so you can do a beach look with sunglasses, use the bowties just as bows, etc. Painted Fingertips | Spy and Tie Nail VinylsI decided to do one last nail art look to show you what can be done with these vinyls. For this one, I decided to use the clouds:

Painted Fingertips | Cloud nail vinylsWe get the most spectacular sunsets sometimes here, with the sky and the clouds changing colour through golden, orange and pink. I wanted to capture an aspect of that so I started with a background of NYX Matte Sky Blue and sponged it with Essence It’s Raining Men!, Tip Top Champagne Whispers, and an unnamed pale pink by Kiko. Once it was dry, I stuck down by vinyl base and filled in the clouds using Renaissance Custom Lacquer in Black Heart, Don’t Care. Painted Fingertips | Cloud nail vinylsI peeled up the vinyls, and we have a cloudy evening! What I really liked about this set of vinyls was that both the clouds and their outlines were included. So I used the outlines, and the clouds are still left: Painted Fingertips | Loki's Cloud Nail VinylsYou can see the last outline piece I haven’t used in the corner.

Overall: I love the vinyls that you can use for a pattern and peel off. I have a couple more of that kind which I am sure you will see used in the coming weeks. I am less of a fan of the use-as-a-sticker kind. That’s nothing to do with their quality, which is great, but they’re just not quite my personal style.

There are plenty of other patterns,shapes and colours available, so please go and check out Loki’s Nail Vinyls and see if there is anything you’d like to try!