Textured Dotted Gradient

Hi everyone!

Today I have some simple but effective nail art to share with you. I’d been itching to do a dotticure, so I decided on a gradient dotticure. Of course, I needed to make it more interesting than that, so I decided to go with textured dots. I did something similar more than a year ago when I first got my hands on the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes. Back then I combined two dot colours on each nail, this time I decided on just one dot colour per nail and here is the result:Painted Fingertips | Textured dotted gradientFor some reason I wanted something pastel so I started with a base of Essence Me & My Ice Cream Always in My Mint. Once that was dry, I used a variety of dotting tools to add the dotted gradients with Rimmel Space Dust Luna Love and Tribal Colours #13. Painted Fingertips | Textured dotted gradientThe result looks like bubbles to me. I really like the delicate combination of the pastel green and pink, and since Luna Love is so gorgeous I like the nails with it even more. Painted Fingertips | Textured dotted gradientThis is the first dotticure I’ve done in ages! What do you think?