Water Marble Wednesday: Neon

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday and today I really have a good one for you! I have never tried a neon water marble before and I always thought the neon polishes might come out too sheer, but I finally decided to give it a go and I am SO glad I did. Painted Fingertips | Neon water marbleI used six neon polishes from Tip Top for my marble and I was blown away. They marbled SO well. I think these might have been the best marbling polishes I have ever tried – they played perfectly together, all spread across the water well, and went exactly where I wanted them to when I marbled them. They were so amazing that I’m sure you’ll be seeing quite a few more neon marbles in the coming months! Painted Fingertips | Neon water marbleA white base might have made them pop even more, but I decided to use the neon yellow, Tip Top Walking on Sunshine, as my base. I then marbled with that along with Tip Top Salsa Pop, Get the Party Started, As the Beat Grows On, Cyan Can-Can, and Grape To Meet You.

Painted Fingertips | Neon water marbleMy nails are insanely bright – way brighter than my little point-and-click camera could handle – but at least these photos can give you an idea of it. I love them! What do you think?