Review: Born Pretty Store Spider Studs

Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail art

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Hi everyone!

Today I have some nail art to share with you using pearl and rhinestone spider studs from the Born Pretty Store. Several months ago as I was planning my Halloween nail art, I really wanted to do something with spider studs but I didn’t have any. I know it’s nowhere close to Halloween now, but I was still glad to get a chance to use some spider studs for one of the simple ideas I had. Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail artI started off with a base of LA Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion. Once that was dry, I got to work on my spiderwebs. I used white acrylic paint and a fine nail art brush. I keep complaining about it, but man, I really need a new brush! I struggled along with it but in the end I was pretty happy with the spiderwebs.  Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail artI added a top coat and just stuck the two spiders onto the top coat. First of all, I LOVE the way these spiders look. The pearl and rhinestone together are just lovely. I would highly recommend that you use nail glue for them if you’re planning on wearing them for more than a few hours though, because they do stick up quite high from the nail. On my nails, when the body of the spider touched my nail, the tips of the legs didn’t, so you’ll probably need the glue for them to last. I didn’t test longevity with mine as I removed the spiders after a couple of hours. Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail artProbably the best thing about these spiders is that they can be reused. I packed mine away for next time I feel like doing some spider nail art, and it looks like they can be reused as many times as you want – just so long as you don’t lose them! Painted Fingertips | Spiderweb nail artYou can purchase these spider studs here. The Born Pretty Store also has a huge variety of other nail art items available. If you decide to buy something, make sure to use the code KGG10 for 10% off your purchase!