Golden Glitter Gradient

Painted Fingertips | Golden Glitter gradient

Hi everyone!

Today I have a simple but stunning glitter gradient to share with you. A while ago I received a lovely box from Siobhan at For the Love of Nail Art with some beautiful polishes. One of the polishes she included for me was Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful. I admit, when I first saw the bottle, I didn’t think I’d be crazy about this polish, but the moment I put a coat on my nail I was sold. Just one coat and my nail took on a gorgeous gold-flecked appearance. I decided to combine it with purple to create a gradient fit for a queen 🙂Painted Fingertips | Golden Glitter gradientI started off with a base of Tip Top Purple Reign. This is one of my favourite purples, it’s a perfect shade with a stunning shimmer! Next, I added the glitter using Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful. I didn’t use a sponge for the gradient but just painted the glitter straight on. I used one coat until almost the base of my nail, then a second coat stopping a little higher up, and so on. Painted Fingertips | Golden Glitter gradientAs you can see at the tips of my nails, in enough coats you can get full coverage with this glitter. I’m not sure how many coats there were at the tips of my nails – I think about 4. Painted Fingertips | Golden Glitter gradientOver the purple, this glitter is bright and stunning, but it is very versatile. A single coat painted over a soft nude or silver can just bring a golden shimmer to your nails. I never knew until I had this polish that I was missing a gold glitter from my collection, but now it might just be the polish that convinces me to actually wear gold sometimes!

Painted Fingertips | Golden Glitter gradientWhat do you think?