Swatch: LA Girl Crowd Surfing

Painted Fingertips | Swatch: LA Girl Crowd Surfing

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and didn’t miss me too much! I didn’t get around to blogging over the long weekend but I’m back to show you an absolutely glorious polish. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: LA Girl Crowd SurfingThis is 2 coats of LA Girl Crowd Surfing over a base of Essence Walk on the Wild Side. You might recognise this as the base from my recent one-stroke flower nails. I’m glad I remembered to take pictures before the nail art as well because this polish is just spectacular! Painted Fingertips | Swatch: LA Girl Crowd SurfingCrowd Surfing is a very sheer green base filled with very fine green glitter and green-orange flakies. As you can see, with 2 coats you get a good volume of the glitters and flakies. I would definitely recommend using a base colour as the green base is extremely sheer and the flakies look best over a dark base in any case. In this case, I used a dark green base, but you could go with other shades as well for a different look. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: LA Girl Crowd SurfingThe formula on this polish is good and the flakies apply with no problem and no fishing required. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: LA Girl Crowd SurfingWhat do you think of this beauty?

  • Jessica W

    This is a really pretty nail polish combo! I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

    • Painted Fingertips

      Crowd Surfing is just gorgeous! Thanks, hope you did too, I wish every weekend could be 4 days long though 😉

  • Ashlee(PaintedNubbs)

    I am so in love with this! I wonder how it would look over black. 🙂

    • Painted Fingertips

      I’ll have to try it over black!

  • Simona @LightYourNails!

    That’s a pretty flakie indeed! I wish we could get LA Girl’s over here because I’ve seen a bunch of super pretty shades from this brand!

    • Painted Fingertips

      They have some great shades especially for a cheaper brand! I love their 3D holographic polishes 🙂

  • Deborah – Love Varnish

    I love the orange/coppery flakes combined with the green color, such a unique and fun combo!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Isn’t it gorgeous?

  • Color Me So Crazy

    This is a pretty combo of green and goldish! I can just see how those flakies would lean in the sun

    • Painted Fingertips

      Hehe they lean toward being stunning 😉

  • Fixin To Faff

    So pretty! I’m totally psyched because the Uk now has an LA Girl distributor!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Awesome! I hope you find some beauties then!

  • Polished Hippy

    Wow, this is phenomenal for a budget brand!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Right? 99% of my polishes are from budget brands because of that annoying money thing but when I can get a beauty like this, that’s ok 🙂

  • Hey, Darling Polish!

    This is such an interesting color combination! I love it!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Jenny Gilmore

    Yes I remember you posting this one before, and I STILL need to wear it! It’s gorgeous! LA Girl is such a great brand!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Isn’t it stunning?

  • Katherine

    This is such a unique polish, I really like it!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Me too! 🙂

  • Roselynn787

    This looks so gorgeous, the glitter and color combo is so unique and interesting.

    • Painted Fingertips

      I just love it!